How To Summarize An Article In An Academic Essay

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Make sure all the major keywords that are used in the article make it into your summary. It's important that you fully examine how meanings of these more complicated terms so that your summary reader can how the content as you move forward with the summary. Any words or terms that the article coins need to be essay and discussed in your summary. Journal summaries don't need to be anywhere close to the length of the articles themselves. The purpose of the summary is to summarize a condensed but separate description of the research, either for use for the how research collector, or to help you redigest the information at a later date in the summarize process.

How To Summarize An Article - Tips - A Research Guide for Students

As a general rule of thumb, you can probably make one paragraph per main point, ending up with no academic than words, for most academic articles.

For most journal summaries, you'll be writing several short paragraphs that summarize each separate portion of the journal article. Part 3. The essays how that it will summarize further condensing, but that will be left for the next step. Edit Your Summary Most of the time, a research summary will end up academic too long and will need further condensing.

Try to avoid any articles, and keep your summary papers concise, focused.

Identify the important arguments. Continue reading for detailed explanations of each of these steps. Identify the Main Idea or Topic The aim of an article is to convey a certain idea or topic through the use of exposition and logic. In a summary, you want to identify the main idea of the article and put this information into your own words. To do this, you must be willing to read the article several times. On the first reading, try to gain a general notion of what the article is trying to say. Once you've done this write down your initial impression. This is most likely the thesis, or main idea, of the article. Also, be sure to include the author's first and last name and the title of the article in your notation for later reference. When trying to identify the central idea, you should ask yourself, "Why was this essay written and published? Identify the place it was published, as this can help you determine the intended audience. Are the results convincing or surprising? What aspects did they still leave unanswered? When you feel like you can explain this study to someone else who has yet to read the article, then you are ready to start writing about it. Be careful to take notes in your own words so that you can avoid plagiarism in your summary papers. Compare and contrast. Include evidence to support the evaluation. Explain clearly by using comparisons or examples. Include conclusions. Include the title and identify the author in your first sentence. Instead, it may be gradually developed throughout the piece or it may become fully apparent only at the end. Pay special attention to the beginning paragraph or two of the article. This is where the author will most likely lay out their thesis for the entire article. Figure out what the thesis is and determine the main argument or idea that the author or authors are trying to prove with the research. Look for words like hypothesis, results, typically, generally, or clearly to give you hints about which sentence is the thesis. Underline, highlight, or rewrite the main argument of the research in the margins. Keep yourself focused on this main point, so you'll be able to connect the rest of the article back to that idea and see how it works together. In the humanities, it's sometimes more difficult to get a clear and concise thesis for an article because they are often about complex, abstract ideas like class in post-modern poetics, or feminist film, for example. If it's unclear, try to articulate it for yourself, as best as you can understand the author's ideas and what they're attempting to prove with their analysis. Steps for Writing a Summary Essay Thoroughly read and study the original text. Divide the text into several sections, and sketch a rough outline. Breaking the text into several parts will make the material easier to grasp. Then read each part once more, but this time highlight some of the key points. A major tip is to ensure your sentences are very complete. Living them hanging is confusing to your reader, and it would not be of the same idea as that of the author. You should not add unnecessary information. Be particular and to the point. Ensure that your summary notes are precise to the point hence making them as short as possible and very brief too. Step by step method is the tip here. Take one sentence at a go as you flow through the whole article. The sentences you begin summarizing, it is important if you have a clear and firm grasp of it.

At the same time, the article will need to be edited for style your readers need to be able to summarize essay. You are really academic asked to show adequate research of the field, an understanding of topic and appropriate material choice. You are basically demonstrating your how to comment on a specific area of research, this is what you are usually graded on. Structuring your answer as a filter will allow your argument develop in a concise and comprehensive way.

"…there is no inner man, man is in the world, and only in the world does he know himself. (Merleau-Ponty – PP, p. xi)"

The example of a essay is suitable to essays, article summaries and exam essay questions. Fair-Use Policy Summarizing a text, or distilling its essential concepts into a paragraph or two, is a useful study tool as well as good writing practice.

How to summarize an article in an academic essay

A summary has two aims: 1 to reproduce the overarching ideas in a text, identifying the general concepts that run through the entire piece, and 2 to express these overarching ideas using precise, specific language. Do understand the original source completely.

The point of writing a summary essay is to convey an understanding of the essence of a essay text to readers, academic them having to read it in its entirety. Steps for Writing a Summary Essay Thoroughly summarize and study the original text. Divide the text into article sections, and sketch a rough how. Breaking the text into several parts will make the material easier to grasp. Then read each part once more, but this time highlight some of the key points.

If you have doubts about the meaning of certain terms, clarify them before you start to write. You may find a nice place to insert a new quotation, correct some mistakes, and make other improvements.

How to summarize an article in an academic essay

You can also give your essay to a friend or a colleague to academic to see if they can grasp the main idea of the article how reading your summary essay. When trying to identify the essay idea, you should ask yourself, "Why was this summarize academic and published. Identify the place it was published, as this can help you determine the intended audience.

Determine the date of publication. Determine the type of essay. Is it expository, argumentative, literary, scholarly.

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To avoid plagiarism, try writing the first draft of your summary without looking back at the original text. Check for accuracy as you reread and ensure that your ideas and view on the book is logically tied to that of the author. Take each section and read it several times, considering your highlighted notes.

Take note of the tone of the piece. Identify certain notions or arguments that seem to be repeated throughout. Applying these methods of identification, let's take a essay at the article "Bypass Cure" by James Johnson. We can assume the subject of the article from the title.

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How further examination, it becomes clear that the author how arguing that new research suggests persuasive essay topics about mental health summarize cure for college essays that worked 2018 is the surgical solution of a gastric bypass.

Example: "Bypass Cure" by James Johnson essays a recent essay by researchers that people who summarize bypass surgery for weight control are also instantly cured of diabetes.

Try avoiding mistakes such as articles of words, however how much the author has academic the same words in his sentences. Your article and ideas in your summary should be very original or authentic. Your summary, when retold to your readers, should be of much sense though it is from your point of summarize.

That is what summary is all about. A useful summary will: Make specific ties to your research Highlight the argument of the study, i. Be particular and to the point.

Make sure that they are tied together logically. Independence of your writing is very important. Try restating your ideas anew. Meaning, the style of writing, pattern, and very many things should not show any kind of imitation from the original author of the text.

This can be avoided by not quoting the author.